Privacy policy

We recognize that protecting your privacy is extremely important to
We would appreciate it if you could read and understand how to use and protect the personal information of customers provided on the site.

About personal information provided by customers

 When using the services of, you may be asked to provide personal information.
(Services that customers can voluntarily use, such as member registration, online shopping, and gift application, other than page browsing)
The information you provide is necessary to use the services of such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address.
This information is basically used to deliver goods and giveaways to our customers.
In addition, for the purpose of improving the convenience of the website such as questionnaires, we may ask questions other than the above, but in that case we will provide it at your discretion.
In addition, will not reorganize the information without the consent of the customer.
Please note that the information provided by the customer may be notified to a third party depending on the type of service on
For example, this may be the case when you want to inform the contractor of services such as delivery of your name and address, or when you inform the payment company when you shop online using a credit card. will comply with the necessary processing to the extent reasonable to protect the privacy of our customers, including when disseminating information to third parties.
For highly confidential information (address, telephone number, credit card information, etc.) of the customer, the information is encrypted in the processing on the computer, and the third party who receives the personal information of the customer is provided. We will endeavor to protect information by concluding a privacy protection contract with us.

 About cookies

 The technology for recording and managing the information of customers who use websites on a computer (hard disk drive) is called "cookie". By using cookies, it is possible to simplify the operation of frequently used services, so some pages on use this cookie. Please note that if you change the cookie settings in your browser and refuse to use cookies, you may not be able to use some or all of the services.
As mentioned above, cookies simplify the operation on your website and do not infringe on your privacy. In addition, it will not adversely affect your computer. In addition, may collect information from visitors to the site, such as overall trends and pattern analysis of viewing behavior on contained in cookies.
The collected information will be used by or the company to which outsources research and analysis work to analyze access trends and provide better services. In addition, the information collected from cookies will be treated as confidential as your personal information.

Guarantee and limitation of liability

 Use of is at your own risk. does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various information obtained from this website and other websites linked to this website.

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Customer consent may revise the above privacy policy, in which case all revisions will be notified on this website. Also, please note that offers all services provided that you agree to the above privacy policy.