Shipping and legal information

Distributor : PICNIC .Ltd

Operation director : Kanbara Takamasa

Address : 110-0005

Phone number : +81-3-3290-7390

Fax number : +81-3-6862-6746

E-mail address :


Other expenses : Shipping cost

Order method : In the mood of actually doing some shopping in a store, if I have a step followed, it is satisfactory.
Please feel easy.

Payment method : It is possible to pay by the payment method described below on the page.After it orders on this site, mail that writes the amount of payment is sent from to the customer's E-mail address.

Timing of order completion : After payment is confirmed, it becomes order completion.

Delivery period : It differs for every goods.

Returns and exchanges : Please fill in the following "inquiry necessary information" within 30 days after goods arrival, attach the reason of returned goods / exchange, and contact me by E-mail.