Soft gold yarn 8kake(0.55mm thickness) 5bundles

Soft gold yarn 8kake(0.55mm thickness) 5bundles

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Set of 5 bundles
Size: length 100M
Weight: about 30g

Soft texture of pure silver, luster having a sense of transparency

Soft gold yarn is using pure silver colored gold, not pure gold leaf. Soft texture of pure silver and luster having a sense of transparency are the characteristics of soft gold yarn. The base paper is made of pure silver vacuum deposited on a clear polyester film. It is colored by a method called "undercoat coloring" and the film side is used as the face of the soft gold yarn. By using the coloring method it is superior in the light fastness and friction resistance. The base paper is cut into long thin strips and each piece is closely wound around core yarn in spiral. The material of core yarn is as follows: Polyester yarn, rayon yarn is used for fine count. Rayon yarn and staple yarn is used for low count. Precautions for use There is a possibility that the black discoloration (burning) is caused by being exposed to sulfur and excessive oxygen, because sterling silver is used for it. Measures of coating for discoloration prevention have been applied, but please note in advance. In addition please avoid to store them in hot and humid place and excessive use of insect repellent. Gold and silver yarn is one of the traditional crafts of Kyoto,Japan with a very long history. It has been used for ornamental apron of Sumo wrestlers or KESHOUMAWASHI or for embroidering on dress. On drop curtains and sleeves of stages and theaters, and even in various festivals held throughout the Japan you can see the decoration of the yarn on the special cover of textiles, KESOUMAKU for the Japanese parade float, DASHI or the portable shrine, MIKOSHI. The gorgeous brightness amuses eyes of a lot of people.

Terashima Yasutarou shouten has inherited the traditional skills since its inception in1897 in four generations.

They have continued the production of gold and silver yarn in Kyoto since its inception in 1897. Nowadays it is used not only for Kyoto local traditional industries but also for traditional crafts in various places in Japan and also for textiles regardless of country. Terashima's gold silver yarn, gold leaf, and vapor deposition film and so on have been used. "Along with the changing times, technology associated with the production of gold and silver yarn and the materials have also changed in various ways. It is a matter of course to keep the old traditions and texture, we are also seeking new texture or new technology , also we think giving variety of suggestions to customers is one of the most important roles. "(Mr.Terashima says so.)

About yarn count

A unit to indicate thickness of the gold or silver yarn is called "Kake"in Japamese. 1Kake, 2Kake, 3Kake ....from thinner count in order, it becomes to thicker count. This yarn is used for braiding, embroidering, making decorations to works, products and so on in various ways. The thickness of the yarn used is very different depends on the purpose.